Blessed are they who understand the birth of light, for they shall know how to weave it.

I chose to use deep dark tones to reveal the light, the lines, the abstract shapes, to let the light shine out of the darkness. This is  an optimistic view of darkness. The pictures have two levels of perception: The abstraction provided by the lines, shapes and light jumping out of the dark, and the impressions and inner images that open in our soul. They act like a cloudy mirror in which the we can find ourself, where time stops and opens a door into our imagination and blurred memories. For that reason, this series is entitled “The Doors of Perception”, in reference to Aldous Huxley’s book.

I partly found my inspiration in the work of the abstract French painter Pierre Soulages, known as "the painter of black” especially with his "Outre-Noir" (Beyond Black) paintings.

© 2020 by Dominique Genin